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Crazy-brain Kyle Clark built Stellar Tracks as a vibey space to supercharge his music. Feel at home, as Brian Thomas, skilled-but-chilled head engineer, twists the dials and tracks your hits.

Kyle Clark

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The Frequency Spectrum

As audio engineers, having a comprehensive knowledge of the frequency spectrum and how to manipulate it is imperative to achieving well balanced mixes. We often visualize and manipulate the different …

Microphones 3: Polar Patterns

Mics pickup sound from certain directions and no so much from other directions depending on the shape and style of the “Polar Pattern”. Depending on your sound source …

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Microphones 2: Types

Let’s start building our knowledge with the 3 main mic types: Dynamic, Condenser, and Ribbon.  Dynamic Microphones Dynamic mics are made with a diaphragm suspended in a magnetic …

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