Mixing & Mastering

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Talented Engineering

In today’s music world you only get a couple moments to impress your listener. It’s time to graduate from “your buddy who does mixing” and employ an engineering team with technical prowess, great gear, and tons of experience.

That’s where we come in. All the work that leaves our facility hits harder. Experience the magic that makes our mixes: juicier, tighter, and more impactful. We’re not done until you’re smiling ear to ear, exclaiming “You’ve Shattered My Sound Barrier!”

Professional Mixing Environment

Your album can only sound spectacular if the engineer working on it can hear every nuance, uncolored by the room in which he works. Our professionally designed space and ASC Attack Wall provide us with an amazing acoustic environment where we make detailed decisions for your music. From the depths of the lows, thru the critical mids, up to the amount of shimmer…
Let our finely tuned ears supercharge your music within our stellar sonic space.

Creative Producer

Your music deserves more than a technician; you need a creative partner. As artists ourselves, we draw bang-up ideas from a wide variety of sources. Let’s not make a cookie-cutter-copy of the last big hit, but something with a new twist. Together we can craft an artistic statement that fits your vision, while remaining uniquely your own.


All professional releases go through a final stage of sweetening called mastering. After countless hours of mixing, your engineer will need a fresh set of ears to complete this final step. Having spent so many hours mixing, he can’t hear it for the first time like your fans are about to.

This is where our mastering service takes over. Let our fresh ears and professional audio tools enhance your music to reach its ultimate potential.

Our mastering will:
Clean up muddiness, boxiness, or harshness 
Tame resonant frequencies
Meet pro loudness standards
Add sparkle, sheen, impact, or weight
Make it more immersive

“fall sucks” by go:virgo



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