Band & Solo Artist Tracking

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    Stunning Live Room

    Today’s artists demand a great sounding space to record their music. Stellar Tracks Recording Studio features an 800 square-foot live room with high sculpted ceilings, low-frequency control, and a lush room reverb. Our open concept design places the engineer within the tracking space to facilitate easy communication and artist interaction. Personable staff, versatile lighting, and funny little trinkets put artists in the right headspace for tracking their best work.

    Multiple Isolation Spaces

    Recording in isolation allows every sound to be processed individually, and results in cleaner and punchier finished songs. Track your sounds in isolation in one of our cozy vocal booths or run your guitar sound down the hall to: the amp room, the lounge, or the echoey hallway.

    Twenty-Four Channels

    For many musicians, the visceral feel of playing together is key to performing their best. Our large track count allows us to record bands of nearly any size performing their music all at once. Let us get your band vibing within our multiple recording spaces, and then surround you with twenty-four expertly positioned mics. Bring the horns, the background singers, the rhythm section, and the conga guy!

    Variable Acoustics

    Your music deserves a sonic signature. Stellar Tracks features 20 Tube Traps to tune the acoustic bubble around you and your instrument. We’ll sculpt your sound at the source by accenting high frequencies, cutting muddiness, or adjusting the reverb. Sound spectacular!

    Eccentric Instruments

    Spice up your recordings with our eclectic collection of instruments and effects. Strike the djembe, cascade notes across the mandolin, or grab the ear with a glockenspiel. Our analog delay will take your music to a whole new level.

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    “Next Door Neighbor Blues” by Brendon Linsley Three