Next Level Production

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    Shatter Your Sound Barrier!

    You know your music could be great if you found the right people to take it to the next level. Stellar Tracks lives up to its name and pushes productions beyond industry standards.

    Innovative Sound Design

    There is so much music in the world, how are you gonna stand out? At Stellar Tracks, we’re searching for fresh techniques, crafting new noises, and imagining future sonic landscapes. Let’s meld your music with our innovative approaches and blow people’s minds.

    Talented Studio Musicians

    Do you feel like your live band is short an excellent pro player? We’ll get on the phone and book ’em for your next recording session. They’ll know the tune front-to-back, bring in new ideas, and knock out solid takes. The result: 🤩

    “Nothing I’ve Found” by Albatross City

    Record Producer

    Does your band need someone to settle a long running disagreement about your art? Get back on track with guidance from a musical guru! Our founder is a lifelong listener, degreed musician, and multi-instrumentalist songwriter. Refine your artistic direction with his 15,000 hours of musical input.

    On-Staff Composer and Arranger

    Ever wanted a musical savant to map out an orchestral string arrangement for your bridge section? What would happen if we dropped in a full choir on the chorus? Our in-house composer and arranger is in the building five days a week. Boost your banger with composition ideas from our award-winning maestro.

    Shatter Your Sound Barrier!