Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Recording Techniques

A guy and a guitar. No simpler setup has ever existed in the history of audio engineering, right? Throw a microphone near the man’s lips, a Shure Beta 58 maybe, place your favorite condenser near the soundhole of the guitar, and hit that big red record button. Easy enough. But then you listen to what … Read more

Booking studio time is an exciting moment in your musical career, and a major step in taking your music to a whole new level. So, when you are ready to embark on the journey of committing your music to disk, you want to be sure you are prepared to make the most of your time … Read more

The moment the recording starts, the soul of your song is born. So before you enter the studio, it is beneficial to have a clear vision of what your song/recording will be in its final form. This can help inform your tracking sessions, in terms of musicians and instrumentation, and make planning for a song … Read more